Fire Extinguishers:
(see below for class explainations)
Class A:B:C Dry Chemical
Class B:C Dry Chemical
Class B:C CO2 Carbon Dioxide
Class A:B:C Halotron I "Clean Agent"

Also available, call for more info:
Class B:C Water Mist
Class A Water & Foam
Class A:B Water & Foam
Class A:B:C:K Wet Chemical
Class D Dry Powder
Class B:C Purple K Dry Chemical

Fire Extinguisher Cabinets

Fire Cabinet Alarms
Exit Lighting
Emergency Flood Lighting

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Fire Extinguisher Classes

Class A - Ordinary Combustibles: wood, paper, rubber, fabrics, and many plastics.
Class B - Flammable Liquids & Gases: gasoline, oils, paint, lacquer and tar.
Class C - Fires Involving Live Electrical Equipment.
Class D - Combustible Metals or Combustible Metal Alloys.
Class K - Fires in Cooking Appliances That Involve Combustible Cooking Media: vegetable or animal oils and fats.


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